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[To foreigner in Japan] How to protect yourself

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This site is a guide in 24 languages how to protect and take care yourself during earthquake:


Check your contry embassy informations too:

U.S    http://bit.ly/fVaMpT
U.K        http://bit.ly/g78MM9
Ireland    http://bit.ly/gpYzJH
Canada    http://bit.ly/hLdr4j
Australia    http://bit.ly/gSbgC9
New Zealand    http://bit.ly/i4lIZn
Spain    http://bit.ly/mMep9
Italy    http://bit.ly/9bqwl
Portugal    http://bit.ly/dJzmq9
Germany    http://t.co/jHPYi0P
France    http://bit.ly/eKcsnV
Russia    http://bit.ly/f5Ep6Y
Holland    http://bit.ly/hisAao
Suisse    http://bit.ly/gWAH8i
Poland    http://bit.ly/hAIapL
Finland    http://t.co/TjwRwNl
Sweden    http://t.co/79xWNSc
Mexico    http://bit.ly/9iaTtm
Argentina    http://bit.ly/gqKcvi
Brasil    http://bit.ly/esCJM8
Colombia    http://bit.ly/eUtRGy
Singapore    http://www.mfa.gov.sg/tokyo/
Korea     http://t.co/cTzJm7Q
China    http://t.co/a2KdzFn
Indonesia    http://t.co/jSuNtfq
Vietnam    http://t.co/gR65y89
Cambodia    http://t.co/tjGSe4L
Bangladesh    http://www.bdembjp.com/
Myanmar    http://bit.ly/cZgzUN
Thai    http://bit.ly/cTfS1s
India    http://bit.ly/9k3Rt1
Pakistan    http://bit.ly/flf9Do
Iran    http://bit.ly/eJybre
Turkey     http://t.co/Jqrs1Ky



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